About Us

Next Gen IFMS is a complete suite of applications used by Govt. of Punjab for planning, budgeting, expenditure control, receipt, bills, payment processing, debt management and, audit. This state of art portal has brought various stakeholders such as Department of Finance, Treasuries, Administrative Departments, Accountant General, RBI and Banks on as single platform with role based Smart Dashboards. These Smart Dashboards have provided a better Decision Support System to all the stakeholders. It envisages end-to-end integration of various IT systems belongs to various stakeholders in Govt. of Punjab for efficient fund flow and payment-cum-accounting system.

Our Vision

To facilitate development and growth for State of Punjab through progressive financial management.

Our Mission

To improve State's financial position by improving financial planning and expenditure control.

Our Plan

To bring all the stakeholders under one umbrella for better financial planning.

IFMS Youtube

IFMS YouTube Channel was created by NIC Punjab for users of IFMS. Duplication of its content in any form is strictly restricted. Authorisation to reproduce videos must be obtained from the Department of Finance, Govt. of Punjab.

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How to Add Payee?

How to Fill NPS Paybill?

How to fill Salary Paybill?

How to Process Application at DDO Level?

Introduction of IFMS eReceipt Module.

Employee Transfer.

Add Employee as Payee.

How to fill NPS Arrear Bill?.

User Manuals

SNo. Manual Download
1. Steps to transfer employees from other to Regular category
2. Failed Transaction Manual For Treasuries
3. Manual for PRAN Correction
4. Steps to Register Stamp Vendor At eTreasury
5. Steps for Payment at eReceipt by Stamp Vendors
6. Steps to fill NPS Arrear form.
7. EMD Bill User Manual.
8. Refund Bill User Manual.
9. User Manual for depositing payments via Offline/Online mode at SBI Gateway.
10. User Manual for depositing payments via Offline/Online mode at PNB Gateway.
11. How to verify Manually Verify Challan on eReceipt portal.
12. PDPLA User Manual.
13. Updation of Direct Voucher Posting - User Manual
14. Updation of BT - User Manual
15. User Manual for Processing of GST Transactions
16. Assign Or Revoke Receipt Targets - User Manual
17. User Manual For PRAN Registration
18. User Manual for PRAN Modification
19. How to deposit payments via eReceipt Mobile App


SNo. Instructions Download
1. For enhancing security features of IFMS - Regarding Password.
2. MIS For ADs and HODs.
3. How to update A/C No. and IFSC Code in IFMS from iHRMS?
4. User Manual for Correction of DC Bills
5. SOP for Issues in eReceipt portal
6. Roll-out of eReceipt portal from 01/04/2020
7. SOP for Issues in IFMS
8. SOP for Issues in IFMS (Revised)
9. Kindly upload on ifms caption :- payment of electricty bill